Nature is a beautiful thing, it cannot be made by man because if it is made by man it is not nature but part of civilization. The beauty of mountains, the birds chirping, the snow, to the sunrise to sundown. In different latitudes and longitudes you can see different angles and perspectives of this world. […]

Forever & Memories

Sorry for being MIA – currently on vacation and my travel blogs will be posted in the next several weeks. Feelings may feel temporary, but memories are forever. Cannot be erased like a poem written on paper with a pencil. Forever, the memories, that bring contentment, hurt, brokenness, laughter, peace, or create a war of […]

Definition of You

Graduating highschool and you wonder where you go next, the thing is society tells you to go attend higher education at a university – prestigious one if you’re grades have been that well. Our parents tell us to go to universities, and what do we do? We respect them so that they don’t have to […]