Personal Project #1

Personal Project # 1: WE ARE EVOLVING.

We are evolving humans, you and me are evolving everyday. This features a girl evolving into a woman she is everyday.

For this project, I was experimenting with the lighting, all natural lighting. I was in my room in the residence of my college and experimented with the lighting and emotions. Creating a mood of fierceness within a girl becoming a woman – confusion, misery, times where you’re scared and you want to hide, learning how to cope with life, stepping into the real world and the challenges adulthood brings.

This is a bit personal as well, as I am learning constantly, growing constantly. Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am confused, crying, fierce and confident in who I am and becoming. occupationally and just as a normal human being. Personal projects brings out bits and pieces of artists personality and the truth of who they are. Money is not involved just pure inspiration and exploration. Here’s to the first post, that I actually created a while back. Hope you enjoy.

I’m slowly updating my website again, and blogging so stay tuned. Much appreciate it.

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p.s. these are all self shot – self portraits.