Simplicity & Colour


As winter is still upon us and honestly just starting in Toronto. A lot of tones are more darker in our clothing in these wintery months. Just as I am sitting in my art direction course most of my peers are in darker shades. So in this outfit I designed to keep a dark colour such as black – a classic and a peach & tan tone to balance the dark tones and add a bit of flavour to the outfit. A grasp of Spring – and personally yearning for warm weather.

The tan coat from Aritzia, is made out of ¬†Italian wool, very luxurious and soft. A long coat that is much needed for strong winds and snow storms to walk through Downtown or by the lake. With a warm coat such as Babaton Pearce Wool Coat so there’s no need for another sweater to accessorize – as Babaton/Aritzia coats and jackets are usually really warm – don’t want y’all to sweat to much when you finally settle down at the office or at the mall after hustle in the cold. The peachy blouse, compliments with the tan coat, it’s a few shades lighter but it doesn’t create too much of a contrast to the coat. As for the Steve Madden boots cover over the pants, keeps you warm and protected from the long gusty winds. As for the Steven Madden purse, it has more pattern detail in comparison to the other pieces to the outfit – different from all the other black coloured pieces of the outfit.

Links below to the apparel pieces for your purchase if you see what you love:






*disclaimer all photos belong to the companies and this is not a sponsorship of any sort just personal preference and opinion*