+ Mini location review of the Lavender Fields


Summer is almost coming to an end however, days left filled with sunshine and warmth are numbered. Some days we go to Lavender fields and photograph nature and take a few photographs of our outfits.


This outfit consists  of clothing from GAP, H&M & AliExpress & Raybans

Shades; Raybans

Green Shirt; Thrifted but it’s from GAP

Shorts; A boutique in Seoul, Korea

Bag; not photographed also from a boutique from Seoul, Korea

Platforms; AlieExpress

Necklace: Forever21

Crop Top; H&M


Location; Tru Bleu Lavender Fields (2501 25 Side Rd, Milton, ON L0P, Canada)

It was a fun weekend day trip getaway from the city, always fun to get out of the city and into the suburbs. We visited the Lavender Fields for around 1 1/2 hour – until closing. They had a wedding reception that evening, and to be completely honest, it’s not a bad location, except the ladies with their heels may have a bit of trouble walking from their parking lot as it is not paved rather with rocks so the walk to the entrance may or may not be a struggle. The parking lot doesn’t have that much space so maybe it’ll fit 50-100 cars or 200 but I may be pulling it. The building at the entrance is brilliant I love the European feels of the building, the exterior is visible covered by wood and inside the window frames overlooking the lavender fields are perfect, especially at sunset. Maybe a good location for engagement and/or wedding photoshoot for the couple.

A perfect small venue, for a small wedding for those who do not want a glamorous hollywood, or glamorous large wedding such as holding your wedding reception at Liberty Grand down by Lakeshore.

It wasn’t as pretty as I thought it would be bought they sold ice cream and lavender lemonade and I took pretty pictures so I’m not complaining. There were horses on the side by the parking lot but I guess I expected a larger space to display lavender but they also have a bee farm which was fairly scary yet cool to get close to as long as you don’t block the entrance to their hive!


The scope of the outfit;

I went with a more edgy yet still cute approach. The crop top was a basic with a touch of black sheer topic. Which allows you to show some skin but still be classy. The shorts were to add a bit of colour as my style I love to add bright colours, patterns to my outfits. The colourful aquamarine shorts still add a fun summery feel to the outfit. It can be a bit flirty and fun even nice for a first date or just a day out with the girls. The green shirt acting like a sweater to protect me from the cold air conditioners at malls or restaurants but also covers my shorts partially and balances out the basics and bright colours of the outfit. The platforms, a bold statement of taking risks and living fearlessly ( if that makes sense) ^^ .

Here is Last Sunday’s Outfit. Buh bye for now :3