Definition of You

Graduating highschool and you wonder where you go next, the thing is society tells you to go attend higher education at a university – prestigious one if you’re grades have been that well.

Our parents tell us to go to universities, and what do we do? We respect them so that they don’t have to call their child a failure. We can have better paying jobs, to purchase bigger homes, drive nice cars.

College, some people still look down on students that go to college because it’s not a university. Or you don’t get a degree, but so what the difference between a degree and a diploma or certificate, they’re all just paper. We all can work the same, a student who attended college may get a higher pay than an university student and vice versa. Why go to some place or do something you do not like when it’s the safer route that your parents will still pay for your school and won’t leave you alone struggling to pay tuition to do the things you love.

Are you going to be defined by the prestigious institute you attended for post secondary, do what you love or have a job that pays well but at the end of the day you’re not content?

This is your life, do things your passionate about – this is your life not anybody elses. Do not be defined by a piece of paper you get at convocation, because there is so much more to you, the things that make you wake up in the morning, that makes you live and breathe and inspire you to do greater things.

Find your vision, do what you’re passionate – dare to be different. Do not choose the safer road. Be daring and be kind, enjoy life in this moment because would you rather live 40 years with the job you have with a smile on your face ready to go to work, but it doesn’t feel like work because you’re so passionate about it or you ache for the clock to go back to 12am so you can sleep some more and do not have to go to work this morning.