Complicated – Instagram Update

At first glance when you look at the new update, that occurred for the app two hours ago. In the search bar instead of people and tags – there are four tags! Top, People, Tags and Places! Seems a bit complicated for a simple photo app right? 

But on a second thought it actually may be more convenient for those who want to travel to a certain destination, helps your research with a clear visual of the place. Whether it’s an attraction, hotel, restaurant you can get real life reviews from these individuals! Connect and meet other instagrammers around the world. The platform is a wonderful way to spread your word to the world of who you are! 

For photographers maybe you need a certain wall to be the background for your shoot, don’t have to physically go there per say if you heard a word of a certain place you can instantly search it and you got your location. 

It may be more convenient rather than complicated.