Goodbye Love

The things you said to her and she is naive.

The proposal you said you did here by the water,

and the blurry memory of hers not remembering if you mentioned

a proposal or not to her -to expect or not

The places you said you’d both go for your second, third and forth date

you made her believe it was possible to found a decent man in a terrifying world.

She’s gullible to believe, the words spoken out of your mouth

but she chose to believe, the words that left your tongue.

The way you presented yourself to be the potential

person she’s been searching and waiting for.

You were a bad texter and she let it go, didn’t phase her but maybe should’ve

As time flew by,  told her to not wait for you because you’re busy,

you said you should’ve called to say all of this but you didn’t.

She believed you, but little do you know her heart dropped when you sent those texts that night

after her reply you told her she’s nice and you like her.

Before the reply there were tears that streaming down her face until she recieved the text,

she replied with ‘I like you too’, and she understands your stress you’re under.

You said you were busy so she let you live your life

as she waited for you, faithfully waited – and waited.

Told all the others that she’s waiting for you, so she wouldn’t pursue them.

Day by day passes, and a week or two go by until she finally texts you

and that is where this story ends because you went out with another girl instead.

As she waited, for you giving the chance she had not given to anyone else in a very long time.

She trusted you,

thought you were different,

now one day this girl may not live so close to you

nor in the same country, she’s a girl with big dreams, just seeking the direction of where life is taking her

not knowing exactly what may cross her path, she waited for you

and now she’s flying out of the country in a week,

travelling the world two countries per year, and you’ll do well and do your thing

but she won’t be around to wait for you any longer.

She deserves so much better and she knows it even if it hurts

she has to fight through this, because she’s that kind of

rare, quirky, loving yet stubborn, caring but selfish, happy girl-  one that would stay

and treat you like a king as you should’ve treated her like a queen

A girl with dreams, to help others and continue

to create, learn, be passionate about life and the chance she could’ve loved you unconditionally.

She’s naive so she thought she would’ve seen you again, maybe for a couple of months at least.

But you left her with that hope that was impossible, she was waiting for the boat to arrive when the boat was already

docked  on the other side of the lake.

She never thought you’d lie to her but you did.

Goodbye potential love you threw it all away.