Classics and Water

Yesterday was a day of exploring in Toronto, walked around to places I usually wouldn’t go to. It was fun to explore parts that were different than the “image of Toronto” that’s portrayed in photographs, and in the media.

Yesterday’s outfit consisted of a stripped shirt from H&M it was on sale when I purchased it – yay sales! Not so much for my wallet :3

The denim skirt is from Garage a Canadian teen girls apparel store that was established in Montreal, Canada. My loafers are from Naturalizer, perfect for long days of walking such as yesterday.

The skirt is high-waisted and the shirt is a crop top, but two classics that never go out of style. Denim everybody wears denim jeans. In the 1990s people wore denim jackets so commonly and still do today. Denim apparel is popular and I think I have an attachment to denim apparel, as I have purchased quite a few items of denim fabrics in the last little while. The stripes also a fashion classic, never goes out of style, does not matter what kind of stripes it is, stripes are stripes in different thicknesses, and colour schemes but they’re still stripes.

As well as the colours on the shirt are black and white also classics of fashion, and minimalistic. The pattern makes the outfit look more interesting whereas if I paired the skirt with a plain t-shirt the outfit would be more bland and personally wouldn’t show vibrance, and my personality of how diverse and creative I am as an individual.

The necklace was purchased at a garage sale two years ago, I do love minimalistic, modern styles but I love bohemian, vintage, indie styles as well.

This outfit is also found on my Instagram: amvxn and featured on my lookbook: ardeneaux