Are you an individual that is fashionable no matter the occasion? Or want to look fabulous even during long flights (15 hours) such as a flight from Toronto to Hong Kong which is 15 hours. Want to arrive not feeling like utterless crap like you haven’t slept for a long time? Read no further here are a few tips that I personally do when I go on long flights.


Beauty you’re b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!! It doesn’t matter if you like to wear no makeup or you like to wear makeup, you’re beautiful. You do you as someone else makes their own decisions. On a long flight I usually pack in my carry on luggage:

  • 1 toothbrush
  • Toothpaste (>100ml)
  • facial cleanser (>100ml)
  • face cream
  • mask (x4)
  • handcream

My beauty routine on a long flight consists of brushing my teeth quite often as I hate the weird taste in my mouth after eating food and sleeping so I absolutely brush 3-4 times on a 15-hour flight. I do have a lot of snacks along the flight, so it is crucial to brush my teeth as it is hygienic and I feel amazing and less crappy as it is hard to adapt to the elevation height of the flight and discomfort that comes along here and there. I do wash my face to ensure I do not have access oils on my face and when you’re flying it stresses your body since it’s at a different environment so relax your skin, makes you feel refreshed, clean and provides comfort to your body. I usually do a mask per flight, which continues my relaxation “therapy” to make myself as comfortable as possible. Ladies no I am not talking about the masks that you put on your face that has a white thingy to put on your face. Cause one you cannot hog a bathroom for 30 minutes and two you’re going to scare the crap out of other guests and flight attendants who pass by. Just remember the time you have a mask on and scared a loved one at home when you walk in the room with the mask on. These are small masks of course less than 100mL and exfoliating ones are awesome of course but maybe honey, aloe masks that help you rejuvenate your skin, to ensure your skin is moisturized as flights, your skin does get drier, don’t forget the basic beauty essential – to drink lots of water to keep your body healthy and help detox any unnecessary toxins in your systems.

Tips to ensure your flight is amazing:

  • Brush your teeth, take care of yourself properly
  • Do not forget to sleep as much even if you do get awaken by crying babies, people who pass by or the kid who kicks the back of your chair once in a while, hopefully, 6-8 hours
  • Drink lots of water and keep hydrated
  • Go to the back of the plane where there’s places for you to stretch, that way your legs and body do not swell and keep your blood flowing smoothly
  • Eat snacks, read a book, draw, paint (portable travel size paint palette), find ways to entertain yourself just in case if your entertainment system hasn’t been updated since your last flight or your tv doesn’t function properly.
  • Update your playlist before your flight
  • Candy – cannot forget yummy candies to help your sweet tooth cravings
  • Small packs of honey – when your throat isn’t feeling well you can ask for lemon and make your own honey lemon water or you just want a different drink they don’t provide on flight
  • Another comfier outfit – sweats, sweater to change into so you can sleep comfier and you don’t make the outfit you got on the plane dirty


I like to look proper or depending on how casual or I prefer to wear that day.

An ideal casual minimalistic outfit here I will list a few outfits I would wear ideal for a plane ride!

beautyroutine_outfits beautyroutine_outfits1beautyroutines_outfits2beautyroutine_outfits3




Sporty Bag:—bags/woman/bags/sporty-backpack-c598018p2368037.html

The choice of the long dress is to cover most of your legs and a white jacket creates contrast, adds more flavour and character to the outfit. The flats are functional for a lot of working, when you leave your house to the moment you check into the counter, to walking to your seat on the plane. A nice sporty white bag, that you can put over your shoulders – backpack will allow you to carry other items you need to make your flight pleasant. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Professional Outfit:


beautyroutine_outfits4 beautyroutine_outfits5 beautyroutine_outfits6 beautyroutine_outfits7 beautyroutine_outfits8beautyroutine_outfits9



Office City Bag:—bags/woman/bags/office-city-bag-with-body-strap-c598018p2773346.html

Stilletto Heel:—bags/woman/shoes/asymmetric-court-shoe-c598019p2424515.html

Pendant Necklace:–1001


Black shirt with the white collar, the white collar gives off a cute vibe and additional detail. The pendant necklace creates contrast with the black shirt. As the black shirt brings out the vibrant colour of the necklace which can be eye-catching – one of the first things of the outfit that may catch somebody’s eye. The neutral peachy pants give a spring-summery feel to the outfit nothing too bold, but still fun and girly. The stilletto heels give off a flirty vibe, and a confidence booster when you walk past a cute guy. The purse can be used in the office and also for your business class flight. The coat’s details add a little more personality and you can wear it just in case if the air con is way too cold – sometimes the blankets just don’t keep you warm enough.

Hope you enjoyed my beauty routine as well as my two outfits for a fashionable flight. Plus my additional tips 😉

*Disclaimer all photos belong to Forever21, Zara, Aritzia and can be purchased on their website*