Travelling Throughout the Lands {Summer Travel Blog Series}

First time on a plane I was one year old with my parents to Hong Kong.

Travelling isn’t something that’s foreign to me. I’ve travelled to a number of places throughout my time on earth. It’s a blessing and privillege to be able to see the world, and experience different cultural beliefs in different places in the world.

In the next few posts I will be sharing about my beauty routine on a flight that is long such as a flight to Hong Kong. The flight from Toronto (YYZ) to Hong Kong (HKG) is roughly around 15 hours, but depends on which airline and what flight you may take of course.

I will write about my beauty routine and items I bring on my trip as I make the flight as comfortable as possible.

1. Beauty Routine + Outfits

2. Tips to make your flight as comfortable as possible

3. Tips for Tourists in Hong Kong and how to save money such as using the (MTR) subway system in Hong Kong

I may add more blog posts but as per the time being these are the only posts I’ll be making through this series. If you would see the first three posts and would want me to elaborate and share more please feel free to leave a comment.


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