“The Last” – was ours but no longer ours

Rewatching “The Last” by WongFuProductions brings back a lot of mixed feelings.

It brings back to the days where we believed in each other and the sacrifices we said we would make but in the end we have so many broken promises. The days where we talked about Wong Fu videos,  planning for prom, and how we could’ve went together, it’s been like what three years now?

I guess what people say about how you just cannot forget some things, feelings or just memories that feels like a century ago, but  it was just a few years ago. Maybe we were just naive kids, and I wonder if you still have the drawing you drew of me and wrote “Manderz” because that’s the nickname I went with until recently.

It’s not about not able to let someone go because I learned to do so a year ago, it’s just when we’re so in the moment we tend to make promises, and commit but you’ve been dating another girl from your hometown and it hurts cause sometimes those photos you post reminds me of what could of been ours. The long distance honestly didn’t have much of a toll on us, but you still kept in touch with my sister until last year and I told her to stop… you asked how I was doing through her and I changed my number since then.

However, that’s not how life turned out and that’s how life is sometimes.

We learn to cope with the circumstances we are led to in life and life doesn’t stop for us.

I’m happy for him to find his perfect girlfriend and i think they might get married.

Life is a weird thing but life goes on, we meet people and many walk away from our lives. The moments that lasted, the ones that worked out, and honestly it didn’t work for the obvious reasons, sometimes it still hurts but it doesn’t mean you want to walk back into your life or want them to walk back into your life but I’m happy that it happened. That’s all that really matters is that I learned and you learned.

I’ve met a lot of other people in the last three years but none that really worked out for their own reasons too.

One day I will find the guy that I will settle down for, and until then I’d rather enjoy my youth, be happy and breathe because another day is another blessing.


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