Winter Fashion – Aritzia Chamonix Parka

As a Canadian born, whom started college this September and after landing my first long term job, I decided it was time to purchase a Parka. At first I didn’t know what to get because there are so many to choose from – colour variations, style, design, prices etc.

I glanced their online catalogue and found the Chamonix Parka, what caught my eye – the fur on the edge of the neck which protects the fast speedy winds during the winter season and since I am near a lake it is colder than what I am usually used to. I love how there are magnets above the zipper which in fact makes sure you are totally protected from the wind – this feature goes all the way to the top of my neck! So far so good, the fur on the hood and magnets on the hood makes sure the hood is connected and protecting your head for warmth, it is a bit weaker.

A update in January 2015 will posted to say if the parka is warm enough in – 20 to – 40 degrees celsius !

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